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LA Printers Fair

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I was definitely out of my league this year! Once again, being around amazing printmakers made me realize how much work I have ahead of me. I was able to break even on what I paid for the booth but with traveling expenses, it didn't turn out to be that lucrative for me. What had happened was... the LA Printers Fair was so saturated with letterpress greeting cards that mine paled in comparison. I needed to diversify. I didn't expect to sell shirts but those sold right away! If only I had brought more. Live and learn. It only motivates me to keep working. Alex, however, fared much better than me. Her food desert series was very popular and her postcards sold like hot cakes! 

To save on money, one of Alex's relatives let us stay in her condo for the weekend and it was close to Huntington beach. Naturally, we went up a day before the print fair to hang on the beach. 

Beach babes and good vibes!

All in all, with a great traveling buddy by my side and a beach in my future, I would totally do it again.

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