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Red Collar Press was founded by Amy Dunn in 2014. She combines her own quirky style with traditional printmaking techniques. Red Collar Press embraces the history of printmaking and is dedicated to keeping the process alive. Processes that are for the people. Information used to be reserved only for the wealthy but with the invention of the Gutenberg press, suddenly the common man could start reading and literacy flourished. It was a low-tech revolution! She loves everything from the feel of paper and the mixing of ink to the final product.  

All Screen Printing, Letterpress, Relief, Graphic Design, and pottery techniques are completed in-house by Red Collar Press. Amy designs her pieces to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. There's nothing more frustrating than buying clothing only to find there are NO pockets... or worse, the pockets are fake. Why should you have the same frustrating experience with art? Red Collar Press creates pieces to spark your own creativity an embrace your inner weird!    

Amy is available for hire, commissioned work and collaborations.

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